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Sunday, June 26, 2016
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How To Receive Podcasts

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is similar to broadcasting in Television and Radio but over the Internet. Podcast creators record an “episode” in either video or audio and then send it (“podcast it”) to their subscribers. As a podcast subscriber you receive the latest episodes from the podcast delivered automatically to your computer from which you can watch or listen to them on demand. You can also load podcast episodes onto your iPod or other mp3 player and listen to them on the go. It’s easy, convenient and free!

Getting Started – Subscribe

The easiest way to follow a podcast is to subscribe to it. This is completely free and requires very little from you. There are two simple ways to subscribe to a podcast.

1. Install Podcast Software - After a simple download and installation process you can have free, podcast capable, software on your computer like iTunes or Juice. These programs allow you to subscribe to a podcast and they automatically download the latest episodes to your computer so you can listen to them or load them onto your mp3 player at your convenience.

Download Free Podcast Software:

2. Subscribe Using an RSS Reader - Many websites like My Yahoo! and iGoogle allow you to add RSS feeds to the content on your page if you have an account set up. An RSS Feed of a podcast is a list of the most recent episodes with links to each of them.
To subscribe to one of our podcasts using one of these websites or programs simply click the “RSS” link on our Subscribe page next to the podcast title. You will be directed to the RSS Feed for that podcast. Then just copy the feed URL(address) and paste it into the Add RSS Feed option on the website or software you are using.

I have podcast software, now what?

Any podcast that you find on the Internet will typically have a podcast link or URL(they commonly end in .xml or .rss). On our site you can get this link on our Subscribe page. You can then copy the URL of the podcast into your preferred podcast player.

If you’re using iTunes we have provided automatic links for subscribing. Just click the iTunes button beside the podcast you want to subscribe to on our Subscribe page and iTunes should automatically open. To subscribe using iTunes manually open iTunes on your computer, go to the Advanced menu where it says “Subscribe to podcast” and paste in the URL for the podcast you want to subscribe to. 
After subscribing make sure you click the arrow beside the name of the Podcast to see a list of all the available episodes.

For other podcast software read the instructions provided to determine how to add a podcast from a url.

Still Need Some Assistance? We can help!

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