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Sunday, June 26, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any questions you have that aren’t included here in our FAQ, please Contact Us.
For more information on the basics of podcasts and how to subscribe go to How to Receive Podcasts.

1. How many audio-editorials can I expect to receive every day?
Our daily podcasts contain five to twelve editorials each, depending on which subscriptions you have.

2. Are the audio-editorials computer generated?
No, we use experienced, professional voice actors to perform our renderings.

3. How are the audio-editorials delivered?
You can simply subscribe via RSS or with iTunes by clicking one of those buttons on a podcast page, article page, or on our Subscribe page. If you do not have podcasting software you will need to download free software. There are links to iTunes and Juice software in the banner above (We recommend iTunes as it is the most user-friendly). For more information about subscribing go to How to Receive Podcasts.
You can listen directly from our home page as well.

You can configure your subscription to be accessible from both your home and your work computers.

4. Can I burn the audio-editorial podcasts to CD?
Yes, but please keep in mind that the audio-renderings are copyrighted material and are subject to standard restrictions for public use, citations, etc.

5. How can I retrieve past audio-editorials?

Our website keeps all past podcasts in its database. To find past editorials just search for them with our search form.

6. I’m not getting the search results I want. What’s wrong?

If you’re having trouble getting the search results you want here are some tips:

- Search for fewer words – the search function looks for articles with all of the search keywords you use. If you’re not getting many or any results try using fewer keywords.

- Search for a particular author – To search for all the articles by a certain author search for either their last name only or their first and last name seperated by a dash (i.e. Ben-Shapiro). You can only search for one author at a time. You can also click on their name in one of their articles to search for all their articles.

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