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Saturday, June 25, 2016
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An Announcement From OutloudOpinion 8.10.12

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An Announcement From OutloudOpinion 8.10.12
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    1. Paul Vitale

      I enjoy your web site and your services. Yes, I would be willing to pay for a subscription to continue receiving the podcasts.

    2. Patricia Scott

      Hi Joel, I love the OutLoud Opinion podcasts and would be willing to pay to subscribe. Good luck!

    3. Charles Indelicato

      I would be open to paying a subscription. Here’s to the future!

    4. Ron

      Keep the podcast going!

    5. Mike Smith

      I would be willing to pay a couple bucks/month. I find the podcasts a great way to hear articles in the car I don’t have time to read. It would be nicer to get podcasts of both conservative and liberal opinions. I hope can find a way to continue.

    6. Brian Molony

      Me too. Worth paying to keep the podcast going.

    7. Jamie

      I listen to several of these. I would pay a small fee. They are so well-done and keep me informed on my commute. They are my favorite podcasts. Please keep them going.

    8. MelanieB

      I would be willing to pay a few bucks a month to keep them coming – well worth it for me.

    9. ME TOO

      I miss my favorite podcasts and would be willing to pay a small fee to continue getting them. Would like them even more without the ads! :)

    10. SteveS

      I would pay a fee of a couple of bucks per podcast (Reason,NRO, IBD, Best of the Web). I miss them already.

    11. David kaiser

      I would pay a couple bucks to keep the podcasts going!

    12. Not Me

      Really everyone?

      Why would I subscribe to a third-party podcast when I can read the actual articles directly from the source for free? Outloud Opinion is a convenience that I appreciate, but if the website goes subscription… I’ll simply replace it with something else.

      The truth is that I will not pay for Outloud Opinion.

    13. Opher Banarie

      Well, the “Announcement from OLO” is not available any more. If these comments are representative of the content, it must have said how difficult it is for the podcasts to be made available for free and they want us to subscribe to them. Here’s my view: I won’t pay for content on the Internet. Others may agree or disagree – they have every right to their opinion as I have to mine. They won’t change my mind…

      Here’s why: The Internet is a vast new platform for delivering content. It’s not print, it’s not radio, it’s not TV – IT’S NEW. That means the old ways of funding things won’t work. Oh, you can try, just like wagon wheel makers tried to keep making wheels for cars. See anyone using them on the road?

      There are 1,000s of podcasts available for free today, and new ones crop up almost every day. They cover every subject, every topic, every perspective and everything in between. Will they have IBDs words? Maybe not, but they will cover the perspective.

      I have complained often enough about OLO’s readers poor diction and pronunciation, and yelled at my speakers even more often. This might just give me the incentive I needed to find something better.

      If OLO needs some ideas about how to make their podcasts work and still be free, here are a few:

      * Contact organizations like IBD and ask them to fund the costs of making their opinion pieces available – in other words, find an organization to SPONSOR the podcasts

      * Contact PBS or some similar organization about underwriting your production of a variety of content as podcasts

      * Ask foundations or wealthy individuals to make your podcasts available as a public service

      * Or, if you lean to the left, contact Occupy Wall Street representatives about having poor people underwrite your podcasts (probably not likely)

      Anyway, if Out Loud Opinion decides to go the way of those wagon wheel manufacturers, I won’t miss them. I’ll just open up my Google Play list of Podcasts (oh, did I mention I don’t own any Apple gear?) and find another one or twenty or 2500 to listen to.


    14. Haakon Dahl

      Love your stuff, used to listen all the time. PROBLEM: I have been unable to reliably download the podcasts for months. If you all started seeing a huge decline maybe 3-4 months ago, it was probably people trying to un-fscrew their feeds.
      For example right now, I still cannot download the majority of even vaguely recent articles, but they do show up. Just greyed out with an exclamation point.
      Hell yes, I would pay. Nowhere else do I get such well-focused portable updates from such a wide variety of sources; including the option to set them up a la carte.
      I agree with some of the comments above, that content providers might find it worth their while to support the podcasting of their content; I could put up with ads if tailored to the length of the podcast. Hearing the same ad again and again is exhausting, but with MORE advertisers, it’s less of a hassle. Just watch the time.
      Yes, I would pay. Yes, I would put up with ads. But the RSS feed has been failing for some time. I had largely given up on you guys, and stumbled upon this announcement.

    15. Scott

      So here I am, months following your “announcement”, and still NOTHING! Are your podcasts done forever? Free or Paid are your podcasts finished?

    16. Vicky Quinn

      Please let your fans know what is going on! We would pay for a subscription! I have emailed and posted this before! thank you!!

    17. VanGoghJoe

      Count me among the many who found your podcasts to be very valuable and would even pay a few bucks if that would bring them back. It’s hard to say I’d pay more, because I listen to many podcasts, from across the political spectrum, and there’s no way I could afford them if they charged more than a few dollars.
      But your podcasts seemed unique in their quality and their conciseness. There was no fluff or dithering. The podcasts would start and bam! you’d read a though provoking essay in a way that communicated the ideas well but was still quick and without melodrama. The focus always seemed to be on the ideas, not the personality. That’s sorely missed these days.

    18. John

      C’mon Joel, let us know what’s happening! It’s been four months and so far I haven’t deleted my iTunes links to my favorite Outloud Opinion podcasts. But I’m growing weary of checking every couple weeks to see what’s happening (or not).

      If our relationship is over, just tell me so I can put you in the past and move on with my life!

    19. Jim Shoenfelt

      Although I have referred to your podcasts in the past, being extremely busy, I don’t refer to them frequently. However I do recognize their value and would like to have them continue. Have you yet decided on which direction you will go and the cost?

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