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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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Behind Reid’s Big Lie About Romney Is A Big Motive 8.6.12

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Election '12: Democratic leaders and the Obama campaign are together keeping the media's focus on a defensive Mitt Romney instead of a failed presidency. How? By lying. Then by lying some more. In the history of the World's Greatest Deliberative Body, nine U.S. senators have been formally censured by their colleagues, after engaging in "conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute." Clearly, Harry Reid's fellow senators should, as soon as possible, make him the 10th member of that body to be so disciplined. What could bring more dishonor and disrepute to the institution than its leader, of all people, misusing the Senate floor to spread phony accusations, backed up by not a sliver of evidence? Reid is tag-teaming with the White House and the Obama campaign to get voters thinking about soon-to-be Republican nominee Mitt Romney's imaginary tax offenses — instead of the very real 8.3% unemployment, a national debt that will soon exceed $16 trillion and the president's stated plans for more economic destruction via additional massive spending and tax increases if re-elected. Last week, Reid switched from first claiming that "a number of sources" told him Romney hadn't paid his taxes to the rumor purportedly coming from "an extremely credible source." The number in "a number of sources" was apparently the number one. As heavyweight blogging champion of the world Ed Morrissey points out, the only people who could have revealed anything about Romney's 10 years of personal tax returns are "the Romneys, their accountant and the IRS." No wonder the normally staid Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., took to CNN on Sunday to do what is almost unheard of within the senatorial old boys' club. He called a fellow senator a liar. "I think he's lying about his statement of knowing something about Romney," Graham said. by For more Podcasts visit
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