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Sunday, June 26, 2016
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October – The Presidency and the Constitution – Mike Pence

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THE PRESIDENCY is the most visible thread that runs through the tapestry of the American government. More often than not, for good or for ill, it sets the tone for the other branches and spurs the expectations of the people. Its powers are vast and consequential, its requirements impossible for mortals to fulfill without humility and insistent attention to its purpose as set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Isn’t it amazing, given the great and momentous nature of the office, that those who seek it seldom pause to consider what they are seeking? Rather, unconstrained by principle or reflection, there is a mad rush toward something that, once its powers are seized, the new president can wield as an instrument with which to transform the nation and the people according to his highest aspirations. But, other than in a crisis of the house divided, the presidency is neither fit nor intended to be such an instrument. When it is made that, the country sustains a wound, and cries out justly and indignantly. And what the nation says is the theme of this address. What it says—informed by its long history, impelled by the laws of nature and nature’s God—is that we as a people are not to be ruled and not to be commanded. It says that the president should never forget this; that he has not risen above us, but is merely one of us, chosen by ballot, dismissed after his term, tasked not to transform and work his will upon us, but to bear the weight of decision and to carry out faithfully the design laid down in the Constitution in accordance with the Declaration of Independence. Brought to you by
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    1. Bill Wood

      This is without doubt the greatest read I have had since Law School.

    2. Jim Boyer

      I’d like to have a video of Pence giving this address. It is one of true moral conviction and patriotic expression.

    3. Stephanie Taylor

      This is the leadership we need right now. Best speech I have read in a long time. I would like to have a video of his address. It reminds me of the Reagan years.

    4. Joseph Ricapito

      Mike Pence’s speech “The Presidency and the Constitution”; very inspiring and one of the greatest on the subject that I have ever read. God Bless America

    5. Frank Moon

      This had a cadence similar to Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” Awesome

    6. Edwin Natic

      As I read through Representative Pence’s recorded remarks, I was moved to find his speech in video. This speech touches the heart and soul of who we are as a people and truly provides perspective to the highest office of our land – The Presidency. I eagerly look forward to the day the office is respectfully occupied by one who is deserving of such honor and reflective of its people who give it its power. Alpharetta, GA

    7. Bill

      Outstanding, to the point, patriotic, concise, and inspiring speach!

    8. Stephen Jones Sr.

      Well said. More of the Americn public needs to hear it.

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